BuyJapon.com is a middleman between you and Japanese online shopping websites. BuyJapon's deputy service allows you to buy from Japan directly.
There used to be an eBay in Japan, but eBay closed their Japan website in 2002. Yahoo! Japan Auction, which is similar to eBay, is Yahoo! Japan's auction website, which is one of the biggest auction websites in Japan. Only Japanese speaking people are allowed to participate in it.
This is why BuyJapon.com is here. Most sellers will not ship to people living outside of Japan, but they ship the item to our warehouse in Japan, and then we will ship it to you. You bid, we ship!
It's easy! Just sign up for an account at BuyJapon.com. At BuyJapon.com, you can search what you are looking for in English and Japanese and bid as you do at eBay.
Sure. BuyJapon.com deputy service allows you to buy from Japanese shopping websites and auctions such as Yahoo! Japan Auction, Amazon.co.jp, Rakuten, ZOZOTOWN and from many of other shopping websites. Please use our Shopping service here.



Yes, it is free to sign up at BuyJapon.com. To sign up for an account, please go and fill out the sign-up form. You will receive a confirmation email.To activate your account, click on the link in the confirmation email.



You can use major credit cards, echeck through the PayPal services. For more information, please visit at www.paypal.com.
Yes. You need to have the balance in your account to bid. We recommend you to deposit your maximum budget into your account prior to bidding.
In that case, we will automatically credit the difference to your account.
Your bid amount will be credited back to your account as soon as you have been outbid. You may choose to leave the balance in your account for future auctions, or you may withdraw your deposit by ordering a refund. We process refund requests as quickly as possible, however, it would take for a couple of days to complete.



No. You don't need to have it. You just need to register at www.BuyJapon.com. BuyJapon.com is a middleman between you and Japanese sellers of Yahoo! Japan Auction.

It's easy.
Find what you are looking for.
Click on BID or BUY IT NOW button.
Bid your maximum budget. (You may need to deposit before bidding when the balance is smaller.)
See Tutorial

You can place your bid on anything, however, there are items that are prohibited to ship and/or import to out side of Japan. It is your responsibility to learn what BuyJapaon.com may be able to ship to the shipping address. For more information, please see here and ask your local costomes before placing your bid.

Yes, it does on Yahoo! Japan Auction. Your bids are placed immediately.

Unfortunately it is not always safe to do business with anyone whom you have never met in real. It is your responsibility to decide to bid or not. For your convenience, we recommend to see the seller feedbacks from his/her sellers. See Tutorial

No. Once you have placed your bid, you cannot to cancel or retract it unless you are outbid.

Actual bid at Yahoo! Japan Auction is placed with BuyJapon.com's own ID. You can know if you have won it, for more information please see Tutorial.



Yes, we can combine them as per your requirement.

You can combine multiple items. Once you have combined them, BuyJapon packs accordingly.
Then you can choose the shipping method and pay for it. Please see Tutorial.

Item arrival depends on the shipping address. Please read the Shipping Chart , however, please note that it depends on how fast the seller ships to us also.

Yes, any shipping from BuyJapon.com is insured.

Please note there is a weight and size limit. If your item exceeds these limits, we will pick an alternative method of shipping for you, however, please note that we may not be able to ship over-limit items such as cars, bikes, bicycles, shelves, beds and so on. See Shipping Chart

Yes. If you like, we even may be able to arrange direct shippiment from the seller to you.


Service Fees

Our Commision is flat rate. Each bidding is done for JPY700 plus 6% of the winning price. See Fee Chart

No. BuyJapon.com doesn't ask any additional fees other than Commission, however, there are auctions that ask consumption tax. See Fee Chart